How To Plan Corbett Tour

Jim Corbett National Park

How To Plan Corbett Tour Jim Corbett National Park

How To Plan Corbett Tour

Jim Corbett national park is one of largest national park in india, its famous for flora and fauna. Corbett national park is mesmerizing with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.
It is always advised to know and do proper homework about the place before one decides to visit, to make the trip comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

About Corbett National Park

Situated about 1300 feet above the sea level, it has cold winters and bright and sunny days. The rainy season is from July to September is the time one should avoid visiting the place. November to June is the best time to visit these places. The wide range of flora and fauna and the abode of the endangered Bengal tiger have resulted in an increases influx of tourists.

Best Options to Travel within the Park

Jeep safari is the most convenient option for travel within the park. The jeep safari can complete the tour in one day. They are easily available from the various resorts located in Ramnagar. The park opens at 5:30 in the morning and closes at 10:00. Again the tourists can go inside the park at 2:00 in the afternoon and it shuts at 6:00 in the evening. The morning is the best time when one can spot the big cats moving around in their natural habitat. The elephant safari is an exhilarating experience; where you can travel through the unfamiliar terrain never visited before and explore the grasslands teeming with wildlife sitting on the backdrop of the enormous animal.
The safaris can be booked in advance, but keeping in mind the delicate balance between wildlife, nature and humans, there is a limitation on the amount of jeeps allowed inside the park at one time. Also the passes for the jeep safaris are available for half day. Incase for a full a day pass, extra expenses will be incurred. The tourists can also enjoy evening safaris in the middle of the jungle and the bookings for the same have to be made 48 hours before the safari. This is on the first come, first served basis. Both the jeep and elephant safari, however, are on a first come first serve basis.

Clothing Tips for the Corbett Tour

The clothing tips for the Corbett tour provided here is in the accord of the seasons of the Corbett National Park and the nearby region. So, you should carry the clothes which are in the sync of the weather condition of the particular season in which you are planning to visit the Corbett Park. In contrary to the popular notion that hilly terrain is comparatively less hot in the summer season, the area of the Corbett National Park, in spite of being a hilly region, is pretty hot in summers. The temperature crosses 45 degree Celsius in the peak summer during May and June months while the minimum temperature dips down below the 2 degree Celsius in Winter, which makes the climate very cold during mid-December to mid-January. So, from the blistering heat to pleasant and lovely weather to the bitter cold, the climate of the Corbett Forest Reserve changes significantly all round the year. Here are some tips regarding what clothes to carry while visiting Corbett in different seasons.

During the Summer Season (April to June)

Don't expect any leniency in the scorching heat during the summer season that remains from April to June months every year. The temperature varies between 35 and 47 degree Celsius during this time so more the light clothes you wear more comfortable you will feel. The light colored thin cotton T-shirts are most suitable in this season. Along with the light clothes, you must carry a cap or hat, sunglasses, scarf to protect yourself from the sun rays.

During the Winter Season (mid-November to mid-February)

The weather has been started to get colder from the month of November but during the December and January, it gets very cold so you must carry the warm clothes if you are visiting Corbett in this season. While going to the Jungle safari during the peak winter season, you have to take the warm blanket along with you to beat the cold blowing air that you will face on the open Jeep safari. The Jeep safari in the winter morning is freezing cold, so even after wearing many layers of warm clothes you will need the blanket to protect yourself from the freezing cold air. You must carry some warm woolen clothes, a pair of hand gloves and a wool cap or muffler to safeguard your body from bitter cold.
Apart from the above mentioned months, the weather is pleasant during the rest of the year so you can carry the normal light colored. Don't wear any bright colored clothes or even stark white cloth while going to the safari inside the National Park as it may make animals uncomfortable. In any weather, wear clothes that matched the color of Nature such a light brown, green, gray, khaki, etc.

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