Team Corbett Big Cats Safari

Team Corbett Big Cats Safari

The Corbett Big Cat Safari team truly believes in serving the tourists with comfort and luxury. And in order to make your holidays or trip a happy one with satisfying experiences, our team consistently operates with prompt responsiveness. As we put in hours of effort and dedication to provide you with seamless and easy travelling experience.With the hand of support from the enquiry call to the final good bye from the resort, our consultant tirelessly assists you throughout the trip.

Acquainting the tourists about the details of the package to picking up the travelers from the resort to National Park for local sightseeing, the Big Cats safari team constantly coordinates with the cooperative members to align the travelling itinerary. Synchronizing the each stage of the trip from arrival to stay, sightseeing, jeep safari, we lay our focus on timeliness and instant action.

Saving the tourist’s time in search for good food and pleasing stay, we provide adequate solutions for all the concerns and doubts.And with such cooperation and conviction, we successfully stand to the expectations of our each guests coming to Jim Corbett National Park.Our stretch of operations extends from the bookings of resort at the preferred location in budget, to advance bookings of safari at the desired zone of the national park and arrangements for the local sights of the destination. Thereby, we optimally cover the range of demands and requests of the tourists, by making sure that they have a cheerful and entertaining time at Jim Corbett National Park.

Meet Our Team

Mudassar Ali
Business Partner

The backbone of Corbett Big Cats Safari holds the visions to be the top travelling company of Jim Corbett. Motivating his workforce to strive for excellence, he possesses great interpersonal communications skills.While having an understanding about the multiple facets of travelling and tourist’s concerns he wishes to provide the best and superior travelling experience.

Listening the problems and challenges of the jeep driver to coordinating the several aspects of backend operations, he masters the issues with his emotional intelligence. Synchronizing each step of the trip from scratch, he is the leading man behind the team. Moreover, he keeps an update of every travel log and believes in rapid and quick responsiveness.

Tour Consultant

Having integrity and honesty in her approach, she too aspires to deliver excellent travelling experience to the tourists coming to Jim Corbett. She possesses the curiosity to know about the reviews of the tourists and manages to resolve their concerns and pains through strategic action plan.

Her professionalism is admiring as she manages several fronts of the operations and backend, by deploying the personnel for varied departments and flourishing the enquiry details.Additionally, she is visionary and her far sightedness, lets the team coordinate with the different levels of operations.

Asad Ali
Naturalist & Safari Cordinator

Asad Ali is a nature enthusiasts and keen observer having immense experience of more than 15 years as naturalist. Born and brought up in the land of Uttarakhand, he is in love with the place. And has in- depth knowledge of the national park’s geography, flora, fauna, and birds, answering your each questions in detail about the plants and trees and nature in general, you meet a knowledgeable naturalist at Jim Corbett. However, he is inquisitive to find about the new facts about the nature, and that makes him the fantastic naturalist of Corbett. However, he is also an active contributor to the operations of the business.

Rajendra Bisht
Safari Coordinator

RajendraBisht is a jovial person with high spirited personality. And he is cooperative and understanding. Right from planning and executing the travel plan, he guarantees the travelers coming to Jim Corbett, a hassle free travelling experience. Be it resort stay or jeep safari, he strategizes the trip and travel plan smartly.

Executing the tasks responsibly, he believes in providing soothing and luxury experience to the guests. However, with his in- depth knowledge, experience and unique competencies, he is undeniably the best in Big Cats Safari team.

Safari Coordinator

Our safari coordinator is a perfectionist in his job. From scheduling of safari timing for the travelers coming to the Corbett to monitoring the pick-up and drop facility from the resort for jeep safari, he assures timeliness and punctuality of jeep driver.As he respectstime, the time pays him back in return with systematic execution of safari.

By keeping the check at the licensed driver, he accurately manages the several jeep safari in a day for the different zones of the national park. And he makes sure that the vehicle is in good condition by deploying licensed and skilled drivers for the jeep safari.

Jeep Driver

Usmaan, is one of the competent and skilled driver in our teamand has years of experience in jeep driving. Having the valid license for jeep, he supervises the know-how of the destination and takes you to the lush jungle of the Jim Corbett swiftly without any jerk and bump. Moreover, he takes you to the desired location in time.

He is our trusted and reliable driver, who follows the timeline of the trip punctually with his courteousness and friendliness.However, his core competencies are skillful driving and keen observation, and that makes him a super-efficient driver.

Jeep Driver

Bharat is an expert jeep safari driver and knows the destination well, as he is familiar with each local sights of Jim Corbett. With refreshing drive to the nature, you evidence hissupportiveness and friendliness throughout the trip.

Having a clean driving record, he takes you to the destinations of Jim Corbett with his ability to use Google maps, and routes.Interactive and outgoing, he has a good communication skill, and thereby lets you have the favorable jeep ride experience. He knows about the functions and features of jeep well, has adequate knowledge about the roads, and thus happens to be the good and best jeep driver.

Jeep Driver

Bhupendra is a trained jeep driver. Friendly yet cooperative, his mastered driving skills to the varied terrains of the jungle are remarkable.Moreover, with his patient temperament, he can drive the jeep for hours tirelessly. And with refined driving skills, he is an opt driver for the difficult terrain of the jungle.

However, by maintaining the speed limit of the vehicle, he likes to keep his vehicle clean and tidy. He isa cheering and high spirited person as he interestingly takes you to the destination by familiarizing the routes and paths of the destination.

Jeep Driver

Ganesh is a decent and well-mannered individual. Being a trained and experienced driver, he smoothly turns his jeep to the varied geographies of the jungle. And you have a fantastic ride to the jungle with him as he acquaints the destination by highlighting the popular places of Jim Corbett. And with his happy go lucky attitude, you are received and picked you up from the resort with a happy face.

Additionally, by maintaining the travel log, he quickly responds to your concern. And you are rest assured of the trip due to his years of experience and excellent driving skill.

Jeep Driver

Sahil is a kind and pleasant, licensed professional jeep safari driver. Moreover, his sincerity and conviction towards driving makes him a competent driver. And can handle any situation on the road, as he believes safety of his travelers is his priority. He also holds the specialty to control the vehicle with his refined skill at any given circumstances.

As he drives the jeep with adequate speed, you attain a secured ride through the Jungle with him.However, with responsibility, he picks up and drops the travelers from the resort on time. Thereby, you enjoy a carefree ride with him due to the proficiency in his job since years.

Jeep Driver

Azeem is our recognized and trusted drivers as he is with us for years. Having the record of successfully handling several jeep safaris across the years, he takes you to the jungle at a constant speed. Moreover, he is social and his smile and familiar behavior with the travelers is appreciating.

Keeping a safe distance with the other vehicle, he maintains a proper distance and smoothly drives the jeep from the different terrains of the jungle. Havinggreat mechanical knowledge and expertise he can troubleshoot any disruption if any in the car within minutes.

Pandit Ji
Jeep Driver

Pandit Ji is a responsible, patient and alert driver. And by abiding the rules and regulations of the jungle, he lets you have a soothing ride to the national park. Taking care of the tourists well, his calming and simplistic behavior makes him a trusted and reliable driver.

Following the timelines and schedules, he is known for punctuality and promptness.However, the adventure of jeep safari with him is carefree. As he keeps the check at the safety of the travelers and himself and rides to the jungle with ace, have the best time at Jim Corbett by enjoying the seamless and perfect ride at the jungle

Jeep Driver

Santosh is a professional jeep driver of Jim Corbett. His excellence in driving is remarkable as the sharp and swift move of the jeep from the rocky to narrow pathways and muddy lanes is safe. And with mastered driving skills, he obeys to the norms and regulations of the roads.

Whatsoever, he is easy going and a happy go lucky person with cheering personality. And you have a jovial and insightful time with him due to his knowledge about the destination’s popular places. Meanwhile, by adjusting the travel route, he avoids the congestion and provides a secure and time saving ride to the forest and city.

Jeep Driver

He is a self- disciplined man and believes in driving slowing and following the rules of the traffic. He aims to reach the destination safely and avoids to rush his jeep at any given circumstances. With patient attitude and dedicated concentration, he rides the jeep with sheer perfection. However, his friendly gesture and appropriate behavior with the tourists is appreciating and outstanding.

With years of experience in driving skills and knowledge about the vehicle, he is well acquainted with the paths and tracks of Jim Corbett. And his specialties are courteousness, timeliness and gentleness. Thereby have a happy and cheerful ride with him.

Jeep Driver

Adil is one of the experienced and best driver from the team Big Cats Safari, He is very skilled at discovering hidden locations to photograph rare and endangered kinds of animals, and because of this, he is always punctual in picking up guests and gives it his all to make their safari an unforgettable experience. He had plenty of expertise driving through the jungle, and he contributed to make majority of the safari outstanding.

He is our most reliable and polite driver, constantly keeping his jeep clean and in good working order, and has good interpersonal skills to keep guests engaged. In every circumstance, he maintains his composure and coolness and works to maintain the jeep's good condition. In order for you to enjoy your safari, he also drives his jeep within the speed limit. He always strives to make your safari the best by capturing the most wildlife.

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