Adventure Activities in Jim Corbett

Adventure Activities in Jim Corbett

Corbett Online 13 January 2021

With thrilling experience to the jungle, Jim Corbett offers terrific list of Adventure Activities in Jim Corbett to go for. Nonetheless, the series of adventure of activities upheld at the destination ranges from the simpler to tougher ones. And if you are a sports freak then gear up for the spine-chilling adventure activities, which is likely a test to your physical stamina and vigor. And these high-spirited activities, releases your stress and worries. Hence, be playful and adventurous this vacation with the numerous combinations of adventure activities organized at Jim Corbett.

With adrenaline gushing activities for adults, the adventure activities at Jim Corbett is thrilling and captivating at the midst of jungle. The rocky terrain, uneven rough path and dense jungle form the unique location, to enjoy the heart throbbing activities with friends. Henceforth, try out the scariest activity and revive the positivity as the activities are pleasurable, and cheerful. Few of the activities depends on the season and crowds, do connect with Corbett Big Cats Safari for latest update regarding these activities details.

In general, Jim Corbett is well-known for its safaris and the opportunity to see a variety of animals, but today, people also view Jim Corbett for its wide range of recreational options. Even the residents of Jim Corbett are looking for creative methods to increase tourism as the area becomes one of the most well-known travel destinations. Cycling, taking a nature walk, river rafting, bird viewing, rope swinging, river crossing, jumping, fishing, trekking, ziplining, free falling, wall climbing, net climbing, and many other activities are available depending on the region. There are more activities one can do if they decide to visit Jim Corbett soon. If you like being outside or discovering new places, then do try these activities in Jim Corbett.

Nature Walk- If you enjoy taking in the beauty of nature, you must go for a walk in the Corbett area. Imagine that you are exploring Jim Corbett's greenery while interacting with unique native wildlife. By nature, you can explore Jim Corbett on your own even if you're staying at a resort or other location close by, which will satisfy your inner self.

Cycling- Try cycling in Jim Corbett if you enjoy doing your own exploring. Everyone, from youngsters to adults, like cycling because it not only helps in calorie burning but also in physical growth. This is the rationale behind why more individuals now opt to travel by bicycle.

River Rafting- It has such an intriguing name. It's even regarded as being an excellent sport. As a team, you learn cooperation and teamwork, two qualities that are essential for being a competent sportsperson. Only during the monsoon season is it accessible. You may explore and experience Jim Corbett's unknown side through the river.

Fishing/River crossing- If you appreciate rivers and river activities, try fishing in Corbett, among other river activities available to guests. Fishing may be fun with a variety of fish species. Same goes for crossing rivers by rope, which is exhilarating because your feet are in the frigid water and you get the best sense of relaxation.

Jumping/Rope Slithering/Trekking- If you take pleasure in physical challenges, such as hiking, jumping, rope slithering, etc. which requires you to use both your body and your intellect then trekking and rope slithering is something which will facinate you as it involves physical challenge.

Hot Air Balloon- You may feel as though you are sitting on top of the world while in a hot air balloon since everything appears to be so small, and you can feel the air and touch the clouds. In essence, gases enable the hot air balloon ascend high in the atmosphere. The balloon can only hold four people at a time; thus, visitors will be transported in a large nylon basket regardless of whether the burner inside will heat the balloon.

Motor paragliding- One of the most popular activities at Jim Corbett is motor paragliding. You can take in the beauty of the sky or the surroundings while flying high in the air when motor paragliding. In Jim Corbett, motor paragliding is a well-liked sport.

Dune Buggy: The dune buggy is a modified vehicle that is primarily favoured by thrill-seekers because of its 1-kilometre thrill track. It offers an off-roading experience and is a suitable option for anyone seeking something beyond mere activities. This Dune Buggy Ride is suitable for drivers 12 years of age and up.


Shooting Range: Target Shooting Range is a must-try if you're tired of standard balloon shooting and want to try something new because it allows you to shoot your target from a variety of angles. It's an enjoyable exercise that one can perform while concentrating on the goal.


Zip Line/ Zip Wire/ Flying Fox-Named after the zip line, zip wire, or flying fox, this activity is carried out between two paths that you will cross from one place to another using the cable. It is an enjoyable activity to do with your children, a pulley set on a hill.


Wall Climbing: The wall is made of wood, and you must climb it with a marshal since the safety rope will bind your back. When you reach the top of the wall, you will be able to see a magnified perspective.


Dart- Playing dartball is an easy yet entertaining game where the object is to place your dart points on the dart board in the correct locations. You will receive the most points if you can concentrate and place the dart inside the circle, which is represented by the red colour.


Body Zorbing: Your body will be encased in a balloon-sized torso that is open from the top and bottom, making it a safer alternative to wrestling. It is significantly better because there is less possibility of injury during this exercise, and your point total will drop as soon as you make contact with the ground.

Grass Zorbing Roller: Because participants in this sport get into the zorb together, it is a much larger and more social activity for 5 to 6 people. You can enjoy this enjoyable fun activity with your family and friends.

Other Activities- There are several enjoyable activities available, like ziplining, free falling, climbing walls, climbing nets, and more. These are some extra activities in Jim Corbett. As they are typically created with groups of people and young children in mind, these are regarded as the entertaining activities that one may indulge in while visiting Jim Corbett National Park with family or children.

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