Phato Zone Jim Corbett

Phato Zone Jim Corbett

Corbett Online 02 January 2022

Phato zone at jim corbett recently opened zone inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 30 December 2021. which gives more routes to explore jungle However this entry gate not consider to be part of corbett national park but yes the forest area is same and the jungle safari has been started in this zone through phato entry gate located mohan nagar Maldhan, the entry gate is around 26 km from ramnagar Tourist are waiting to explore jungle through this gate which having plenty of wildlife.  As per the guidelines 50 jeeps in morning & 50 jeeps in afternoon will conduct safari for 3 hours, As of now the permits are getting currently at the phato entry gate but very soon it will get obtain on government booking online portal. The permit get issued from the entry gate of Phato Zone, which get confirmed from 2 days before the safari date. On the same day safari the Tourist have to wait if as offline permit processor can take a while.

In phato entry gate or Phato zone there is good chances for tiger spotting as many tourist already spotted tiger since the gate has opened. Phato entry gate having plenty of other wildlife also as the forest is dense.

Recently our guest spotted royal bengal tiger & other wildlife in phato zone, During summers there is great chance to spot the wildlife in phato safari zone. Phato Zone getting the positive reviews and good feedback from clients those who are visiting Phato Zone in these days.

The Phato zone is the densest zone near Corbett National Park. Thus, it’s expected to have a diverse wildlife experience during the jeep safari. However, this zone includes a large number of deers, elephants, and tigers. Likely, the picturesque landscape, prosperous greenery, and rich biodiversity of the zone are breathtaking.

Night Stay

Additionally, one can experience the night stay at Phato zone, where the facility of unique and the first Treehouse is available at the Corbett national park. The treehouse is said to be built during the British reign. Thus, experience the wilderness and adventurous sleep in the jungle.

Pink Water Hole

The specialty of Phato Zone is its pink water hole. Wherein, the upper layer of the water is pink due to the presence of mosses and algae. Meanwhile, Phato zone has the presence of large human-made and natural water reservoirs. Thus, one can often spot the presence of wild animals, coming to drink water.


Phato Zone is one of the farthest zones from Ramnagar, as it’s more than 20km away from the main city. While the giant Tumdiya Dam on the way to Phato zone opens the scope of boating at the dam.

With the magnificent birds flying to spying numerous species in the jungle, Phato Zone brings a rewarding adventurous experience to all animal lovers. So, pack up your backpack and ride to the thrilling Phato Zone.


Phato Zone Safari Timing - 


       Morning Slot : 6:30 - 9:30 A.M.

       Boarding time 6:00 Am From Ramnagar

      Evening Slot : 2- 5 PM

      Boarding time : 1:30 PM From Ramnagar


      Morning Slot : 6:00- 9:00 A.M.

      Boarding time: 5:30 A.M. From Ramnagar

      Evening Slot: 2:30- 5:30 P.M. 

       Boarding time: 2 pm from Ramnagar.

Note : Entry Gate timing changes as season to season as per forest dept. rules and boarding time also vary depends on resort distance or on road traffic.

Permits for phato zone entry gate are available on entry gate on first come first serve basis. Some times due to huge crowed permit not able to get from entry gate in that case safari owner or agent may refund the guest amount.

Note :

jeep safari vendor not reponsible if guest not get the entry permit, in such case driver will take the guest in other safari zone like sitabani zone.

Guide is compulsory in phato entry gate & the Guide Fees has to be paid directly to the guide by the guest at the entry gate. 



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