Best Bird Sighting zones in Jim Corbett National Park

Best Bird Sighting zones in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Online 11 September 2022

As we all know, Corbett is renowned throughout the world for its natural sightseeing; including the opportunity to view tiger, bird, elephant, and other wildlife viewing. Since it’s always migrating season for one or another bird; some birds are continuously travelling, we can appreciate this by observing rare species of birds from a distance whenever there is an opportunity arises. In recent years, people are now considering visiting Corbett not just for tiger viewing but also for bird watching, with the best zones for this being Sitabani, Durga-Devi, Dhikala, etc. Since it’s all Woodland, there is always a potential that you will be fortunate enough to see different species in any zones; however, this solely depends on your luck.

The birds can be seen in Jim Corbett Park are of various types like ground birds (which can be seen easily on ground), waterside birds, migrating birds, Night-time bird, High flying birds. Birds like Hawk Eagle, Woodpecker, Fincher, Golden Eagle, Black Eagle, Peacock, Owl, Nightingale are commonly seen in this area; whether migratory species like White Storks, Black Storks, Geese, Great Black-headed Gull, Different types of ducks. Even rare Himalayan birds Species can be seen occasionally.

There are more than 600 different types of species find in this region which are Crested kingfisher, Brown fish owl, Red jungle fowl, Thick-knee, Bush-hen and so many; however, Different types of vultures, eagles, owl, kingfishers can be found nearby places of Jim Corbett National Park which are Kosi Barrage, Garjiya, places near Mohaan village, Dhikuli, Dhela, Kyari.

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