The Big Cats Return in India

The Big Cats Return in India

Corbett Online 22 September 2022

On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced us to the newest member of Kuno National Park. Eight Cheetahs return to the land of India after over 70 years, of which five of them are female and others are male. The PM thanked the government of Namibia and Cheetah Conservation Fund who is in charge of this project on the behalf of Namibia for such a gesture. These African cheetahs are warmly welcomed by citizens on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s 72th birthday. 


Do not get confused with their look, they don’t roar like tigers but what makes them different is their speed 104 kilometres per hour. 

Cheetahs became extinct in 1952 from hunting and natural habitats such as climate change. Even the next generation couldn’t survive more, the last Cheetah got killed in 1947. The first step regarding this “Project Cheetah” took place in 2008-09 but the court did not approve the project and it was delayed for several years until it was approved in 2020, clearing the way for their return to india.


For climate related queries, several parks have been tested for years whether only Kuno National Park perfected in every way as before the conservation of to save wildlife were accused . According to their breed, the cheetah arrived in Kuno National Park from Namibia, first landed in Jaipur and then on the flight especially designed for them, along with vets and staff landed in the Indian Air Force station in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. First, the cheetah looked around a little to the new home, and soon they will dissolve in this.


Two of three male cheetahs are brothers with the same age 5.5 years. The youngest of all is a 2 year old female who was born in the ‘Private Game Reserve’ in 2020 while the eldest of all is a 5.5 year old male. ‘Asha’ is a female cheetah that the prime minister named and predicted that they will boost both wildlife and tourism in india. 

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